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Buried in debt

Editor's Note: This article is by Ryan Deffenbaugh and originally ran in The Oswegonian in September 2013 and has been updated to fit the format and include videos. The video is from The Bridge project, a collaborative effort between The Oswegonian, WTOP and WNYO, and was shot in March 2014 by Bryan Ruderman and Steven Radford.

Pageant creates close bonds

The Hill Cumorah Pageant, run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is enhanced by a tight-knit community atmosphere and an attention to detail. In just four days, Route 21 in Manchester will be swarmed, as about 35,000 people travel from all around the country to take in the Hill Cumorah pageant.
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Bringing it live

It is Friday Oct. 26, the night of the first game of the season for the Oswego State men’s ice hockey team. The perennial powerhouse Lakers are coming off a season in which the team advanced to its third straight Division III Frozen Four. With three hours before game time, very few players have emerged from the locker room and the ice is currently being used for practice by the Oswego State figure skating club.
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Surf’s up on Lake Ontario

With heavy snow blustering in through a harsh 30-degree wind, an Oswego winter storm has turned Oswego State into a ghost town. However, a walk down Route 89 just off campus will reveal a group of surfers oblivious to the conditions, braving the 50-degree waters of Lake Ontario. The surfers are taking advantage of the storm, traveling down the Oswego coastline to surf different spots.
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Zoning law crackdown imminent

With stricter enforcement of the Oswego city zoning laws expected, multiple student rental homes are in danger of being cited. Under city zoning law, all student rental properties with more than four unrelated residents are in violation. In 2006, the Oswego City Common Council passed a provision to the zoning codes stating that no more than four unrelated occupants can share a single rental dwelling.
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Campus to be tobacco-free by January 2015

Oswego State intends to be a tobacco-free campus by January 2015, a measure that would come a year later than the SUNY-wide goal, but make the school among only a handful of SUNYs to adopt the policy on its own. Jerald Woolfolk, vice president for student affairs and enrollment, said the university will begin to release marketing materials on the initiative over the next 90 days.
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Renowned chef serves up culinary know-how

Culinary Institute of America chef Michael Skibitcky led a five-day boot camp at the New York Wine and Culinary Center last week to teach cooking skills and appreciation. Before she signed up for the New York Wine and Culinary Center’s (NYWCC) five day cooking boot camp, Nancee Sanders said, her family had only one way to know when dinner was ready.
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Buerkle and Rozum debate at Granby Town Hall

Sitting on a table in the Grandby Town Center Thursday night were name tags for Congressional candidates Republican Ann Marie Buerkle, Democrat Dan Maffei and Green Party candidate Ursula Rozum. At around 6 p.m. Rozum and Buerkle each took their seats to begin the town hall style debate for the 24th Congressional District.
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Millennials: the ‘new lost generation?’

Millennials are finding it harder than any generation in 40 years to find median-paying jobs, leaving many to wonder whether today’s 20-30 year-olds will eventually become known as the next “lost generation,” according to research released Monday by the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. While the news may not come as too large of a surprise coming on the heels of the Great Recession, the numbers released in the report, titled “Failure to Launch: Structural Shift and the New Lost Generation,” laid bare many of the problems recent college and high school graduates alike have faced.
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Peach's Frozen Yogurt first of its kind in Canandaigua

“We went from wanting a venue that was probably going to be all glitzy and bright colors and kind-of wild and crazy, to deciding that, this is an old building and an old town, so let's keep it a little bit rustic,” said Pietropaolo, who will run the bar along with his wife, Patricia. John Pietropaolo said the look for Peach's, set to open at the end of August, was driven by both a desire to stand out and a need to adjust to the building on 123 S.
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Dan Maffei likely victor in 24th

Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Maffei was greeted with raucous applause as he entered the Democratic headquarters at Pensabenes Casa Grande Restaurant in Syracuse just after midnight Wednesday. The 24th Congressional District candidate was swarmed by supporters, shaking hands and giving hugs before taking to the podium to address a crowd that stretched from the stage to the back of the ballroom.
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Ryan Deffenbaugh

Ryan Deffenbaugh is a recent graduate of SUNY Oswego.

He served as Editor-in-Chief of The Oswegonian, the school's independent student newspaper.

He also interned with the news department at WRVO, an NPR affiliate covering central New York and the North Country areas.

Last summer, he interned with the Daily Messenger, a daily newspaper in Canandaigua, N.Y.

When not chasing down stories, he enjoys reading, skiing and watching baseball.



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